Sweet Singles Kettle Popcorn

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Kettle Corn - Our Sweet Singles are the perfect snack size (1.2oz) in single-serving packets. Everyone loves the Sweet and Salty taste of Kettle Corn. Many Kettle experts have told us ours is some of the best. Since I am not a proclaimed expert, I just know that it satisfies that desire for Sweet with Salt! Who doesn't love Sweet and Salty? And yes, it is vegan! The Sweet Singles are square packets that are about 6 ¾" tall including the seal area on either end of the bag and about 5 1/2” wide. We make ours a little differently, we take our big round mushroom air popped Kernels and coat them with a sugar and oil mix. Then we salt it with Sea Salt while it is hot, hot, hot! We make sure that the salt is on every kernel.

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